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Reynaers CF68
Answering the needs of contemporary architecture, the Concept Folding 68 system combines design, comfort and space efficiency. The wide range of possibilities to unfold numerous glass panes makes the boundary between inside and out, vanish. The folding principle of this high-quality system allows you to combine thermal comfort and transparency, with the choice to open to the inside or the outside of the building, whatever fits the specific need. The elements come in every colour and finish, if desired, offering a different colour for the interior and the exterior, all in order to perfectly match the building.

The system can be designed from 1 up to 7 opening leafs, removing all borders and blending interior into exterior. Besides the standard window hardware solution, CF 68 can feature a main door principle, in which the first leaf is used as an entrance door without affecting the other folding leafs. This entrance door is then equipped with a handle on both sides. In order to meet all comfort and aesthetic requirements, CF 68 is highly thermally insulated and is available in 4 different threshold solutions, from high performance to low and even flush thresholds. With regard to safety, the system is available with a burglar resistance class 2, offering a high level of safety for your home.

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